Friday, November 13, 2009

Dragging my feet!

It's Friday night - thank goodness - and I'm dragging my feet!!! I have no energy left in me, I had such a busy week at work! I barely had time to scrap this week, how traggic in that?! ;)

On the home front not much new to report, the girls are well and have been immunized against H1N1. Danika only has 2 classes of swimming left, yeah!!! A 5:30pm class on a Wednesday night was not the best idea. Not sure who had that bright idea to sign her up so close to the time I get home from work. (Ok it's me, I thought I could drive my super jet and make it home on time, not!!) So lesson learned, as long as I have to work full time, courses for the girls are on weekends, not week nights.

I did sit at my scrap table tonight to finish an altered project. Now all I need to do tomorrow is run to Micheal's to get some fake snow and I'm ready to take pictures of my project.

In the meantime here's a Halloween lo (pictures from last year). It was published in the Fall issue of Scrapbook Extra. The title says, Adorably Terrifying.

Thanks for the visit friends!!!



Julie said...

I don't know how you do it with work.I am right out straight the few hours I do work,especially with homework,concert practice etc.Love the Halloween papers you chose and their costumes are adorable!

Jocelyn said...

It seems that we just keep getting busier and with the Holidays approaching...OH DEAR!!! I take my hat off to, full time job and wow that wonderful Creation....just love it!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!! :-)

Lucy Edson said...

So, where did you get your jet? I need one of

It's so hard to keep up with all of these schedules, isn't it! But such is life. :)

Can't wait to see what you are using snow on - I'm loving some altered projects, lately too!

Congrats on your pub - what a cutie, Mel!!

Lovin' Life said...

Great LO Mel, congrats on the pub :)

I'm glad you are almost done with swimming! WOOT!

laterg8r said...

what a great title!

love the faces in that LO :D

i took swimming at 3:30 and traffic is terrible - i also learned my lesson :D

Jana Eubank said...

CUTE page! I love the title! :D