Saturday, December 19, 2009

5 days before Christmas

and am I ready? NOPE!!! It's ok, I love the madness of this time of the year, the craziness in the stores ( minus my kids there because then it's just no fun), wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve. Love it! And I wouldn't have it any other way. My life is so busy, I don't have the luxury in being prepared weeks in advance, that just doesn't happen here, so I've learned to embrace my "down to the wire" Christmas shopping! LOL!!!

Thank you to everyone that left a comment to my previous post. The service for my grand-ma was beautiful, I even managed to read a speach with my brother. It was very therapeutic to reminesce about good times with grand-ma in front of the parish, friends and family. Now only time can heal the pain.

I haven't been scrap lately but I do have 2 los to share. These were my last 2 los as DT member of Scrapbook Extra magazine. The first lo I had to use office supplies and the second no picture. They were published in the fall issue.

I also have some awesome scrappy news!!! I will be sharing in very shortly! Gotta love it when an opportunity comes knocking!!! :)

Thanks for the visit friends. M!


Calia Yang said...

beautiful layouts!! hope you have a safe holiday!

laterg8r said...

gorgeous LO's - love the tickets :D

Julie said...

Wonderful layouts Melanie! I can't even believe there are only 5 days left. I so need to wrap.Enjoy your holidays.

Juliana said...

Awesome LO's as always! Can't wait to hear you news!!!

Isabelle said...

great layoust! now, you can't leave us hanging to too long you hear! i can't wait to find out your scrappy news! have a great holiday!!!TTYS!