Sunday, March 07, 2010

Could it be?!

Spring already? The weather sure has been beautiful in my part of Canada. The snow is slowly melting and I can even see patches of grass. I sure hope that the old saying "in like a lamb out like a lion" will prove to be untrue. In the meantime I am enjoying the fresh air and the fact that I do not have to wear a winter jacket! It's the simple things in life that makes me happy. That and scrappy paper! ;P


I wish I could have los to share tonight but alas I can't just yet. I do have some peaks of a special project that I have just finished.


As promised in my last post here are some pictures of our hike in and out to the cottage. Dan told me that the walk is actually 2.5 khm not 3.5 khm! Oooopps! Either way it was far to walk in the snow and with our supplies.

View from the road onto the lake
Hill to climb (it looks smaller than it really is. LOL!)
Proof of the amount of snow we had to deal with.
As always, thanks for stopping by. Off to get ready for another week. :P

M xo


Diana said...

your project looks intriguing! Can't wait for the full reveal. Look at all that SNOW!! Glad you had fun!

Julie said...

Our last couple of days have been nice,but the whole March Break sucked weather wise.

Your little project looks Awesome! Can't wait to see it all.

You guys should of had snow shoes on.

Juliana said...

That project looks amazing Mel! I see some Jillibean goodness going on there! I CAN NOT wait to see the rest of it!

Your hiking/camping trip looks fun but cold! Snow shoes maybe???

~Sasha Farina~ said...

gorgeous sneak there.. and OMG... 2.5km in THAT much snow would kill me! lol..

Lorry said...

fabulous sneek!~ Love the little flower can't wait for the full reveal..