Saturday, June 05, 2010

It's been too long...

since my last post
but I have good reasons why...

She had her ballet recital today!
She's an amazing dancer,
I am so proud of her.
Lots of running around for rehearsals,
pictures, etc...
School year is approaching,
she's ready for a break and summer camp.
Has sometime at little attitude that comes along with
stomping feet and a pout...the joys....
Loves her sister to heart melts....
Is writing and reading like a pro..I am yet again amazed.
I love her to pieces.

She's SUCH a busy body!
Running after a 22 month old is tiring...
I had forgotten
Talks, talks and talks some more.
Doesn't play with her baby toys, she prefers
her sister's Barbies and Pet Shops.
Eat, eats and eats some more.
Loves to kiss and hug...I take advantage.
LOVES Caillou!
Loves to help around the house...
I'm sure that will be different at 15!
Is such a ray of sunshine!!!
I love her to pieces.

They keep my busy!
I am loving every single minute of it!
Wish I had more hours in a day.
My scrappy time has gone wayyyyyy down...
and I'm ok with that.
Finding more time for Dan and I...
that's wonderful!
I love them to pieces!

So my apologies for being away but
I have some scrappy projects
coming up...
so stay tuned.....



Julie said...

Great photos! It must be warm there.Your family comes first for sure.I haven't had much scrappy time lately either with end of school stuff,the Relay For Life,and work.

I look forward to seeing your scrappy projects.

Cin Cin said...

LOVED this post! Miss ya bunches Girlie! Glad things are going well for you though!

Anonymous said...

So glad you have FAMILY time, that is the most important thing we have, for without them what would we scrap about?? Looking forward to seeing your projects.

Anonymous said...

Glad you have been spending time with the Family! That is the most important thing we have, if not for them what shall we scrap??
Looking forward to your projects!