Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jillibean Soup Upcoming Promotion!!!

Directly from the Jillibean Soup blog...

Upcoming Sprout Promotion...

How many of you own Jillibean Journaling Sprouts? Yep, me too, in every color. I use them all the time for layouts, cards, mini albums and other projects. Well, we are getting ready to roll out a GREAT BIG HUGE promotion about Jillibean Soup Journaling Sprouts!!!! If you were on Facebook about a month ago then you know we're getting ready to sell our 1,000,000th sprout!!! WOWSERS!!!! So what's this mean for you? How about...

* Large Product Giveaways for Retailers

* Large Product Giveaways for Consumers

* CHA Specials

* Online Sprout Project Contest

* Sprout Tutorials

* T-shirt Giveaways

* Last but not least...the BESTEST NEW sprout designs ever!

Are you intrigued yet? Hope so! Be sure to check back frequently for more info!

Have a great weekend!


1 comment:

Julie said...

Sadly I don't have as many Sprouts as I'd like,but I might just be in the market for some more.Can't wait to see the new designs.