Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yep, more Jillibean Soup!

I created this altered frame project

for the Jillibean Soup blog. I've had this

frame for the longest time and had the

same pictures from 5 years ago in it,

so I thought it was time to alter it and

give it a new life. LOL! Hope you like!

Here are 2 more Jillibean Soup lines

that are released at CHA this week. I'm sad

that I'm missing out on all the fun but

it's great to see all the updates on all the blog.

Aren't these lines fun?!

I totally love the Monsters and the Snowmen!!!

The colors are so fun, yellow and purple,

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Thanks again for the visit friends,

especially for those that leave

NICE comments. I've had

some bad comments left on

my blog and all I have to say

to those people is that Karma is

a b**tch!!! What comes around

goes around. Ok enough rant,

that's all they'll get from me!

Peace out friends! M xo


Julie said...

Love your altered frame!

I love the new lines,especially the snowmen one.I know you are going to really rock that line.

As for the bad comments.........I am sure the good ones out weigh the bad,and whoever would leave a bad comment is probably just jealous of your talent,and has nothing better to do.I know all about these people and the tables will turn someday and they'll get what's coming....how's that for a rant?LOL:)

Colleen said...

Sooo totally love what you did with these frames and love the new lines too! Fun!

laterg8r said...

beautiful frames :D

bahh humbug to the meanies!!!