Saturday, July 30, 2011

Live The Life

Today I'm sharing a recent card created for Jillibean Soup!
I love the corrugated frames and wanted to display them in
a fun way! I used Dutch Mustard Soup Collection for this
card. The safety pin came with a tag on a pair of jeans, I
knew it would be perfect for a card, gotta love it when these
little fun items come my way! Thanks for the visit!


Julie said...

Love it! You have so much going on in such a small spot and it all looks great! Good words of advice too.

Connie said...

wow, love this card! Beautifull combination of colours and I love the frame. I'm sorry for the butterfly who's has a pin in his body ;o)

Diana Waite said...

this is so fun! I have a bunch of those frame things too--thanks for the inspiration!

Mandie said...

this is gorgeous! LOVE this!