Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Album

This year I decided to do my own version of a December Daily album.
I don't have enough time to do a daily version, so I'm just doing a Christmas
album which highlights events and moments of the Holiday Season.
I'm already behind but hopefully I will get caught up quickly, I just
might even ask Danika to help out with, I just know that she will love it.
More pictures are available on the Pebbles blog.

1 comment:

daizie said...

thats such a great idea! I have always wanted to do the december daily, but i also, like u said, just dont have time to work on an album every day :(
i am lovin' ur idea of doing december highlights! i think thats what i will do next year -- thanks for the awesome idea :)

oh--- & ur cover is beautiful!!!! love the doily!