Monday, March 12, 2012

& Jump

Ahhh...Monday is finally done! Today was hard, maybe it was
because of the time change or just because I'm farther along in the pregnancy.
What?! You heard right, we are expecting! I've shared this online on other
sites, just not my blog. Dan and I are thrilled to be anxiously waiting for
baby #3 to arrive. I'm due mid-July. The girls are thrilled, they can not wait
to meet their little ...... Yep we know, but I'll be a tease and keep that for
another blog post. ;)

In the meantime, here's another layout about our trip to NYC. I think Dan
and I talk about our trip on a weekly basis. Making little references to
something we did, our saw or ate. It was such a fabulous trip, we
promised the girls to bring them the next time we go. I used a Studio
Calico kit to create this page!


Brianna Marshall said...

i cannot help but love every page you make!this is soo much fun!i love all the mix of paper!

Julie said...

Love this layout! Love the idea of a NYC trip.I can't seem to talk my hubby into it,so I am hoping a friend would go with me.

Diana Waite said...

WONDERFUL layout--CONGRATS on #3!!