Monday, April 09, 2012

24/7 Adorable

I realized that I don't have many los of Brianna. I was putting
in her album and realized that I scrapbook alot of pics of her
with her sister but not of Bri by herself. I must change that.
Did this lo based on a sketch at Studio Calico and finally got around
to using the Memoir Collection by SC. Love the colors of this line.
Also used the fabulous gold Thickers, I love these!!! I'm not
a gold thing kinda girl but the Thickers are different! LOL!


Diana Waite said...

I just used this line as well--it's AMAZING!

Kathy Martin said...

Cool and artsy!!! :)

Lauren Bizorik said...

I love this! I love the little clouds. :-)

Jeff and Pia said...

I just love looking at your layouts!