Thursday, October 11, 2012

Leg warmers

When I was pregnant with Alexia I found these adorable leg
warmers for babies. They are so pratical, especially when around
the house and she's wearing a onesie, plus she's totally cute.
I didn't have any of these for the older two girls, I guee it wasn't
on the market yet, funny how with every pregnancy there
is a new trend or hot item that I must purchased. Since
this is our last baby I was good but I couldn't resist the leg warmers.

I create this layout for Jillibean Soup using the new Grandma Lima
Bean Soup. I also used a wood banner  on which I stamped 
on the underside portion of the banner. I thought it was a fun way
to get more use out of those wood banners that I love!

Using a Studio Calico template I misted the white cardstock,
I wanted to mimic the stripes pattern in the leg warmers. I used
3 different mist to create a multicolor pattern.

As always, thanks for the visit!

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