Friday, January 25, 2013

Be Awesome

I'm posting first thing in the morning, whoa!!!
Things are usually so hectic in the day that I never
get to the computer until late a night but today
I decided that everything could wait...I'm blogging!!!

Popping in to share this layout I created.
As you can see I've used yet again the woodgrain
chevron paper from the Amy Tan collection, love
this paper! I'm totally hoarding every little bit!
This layout just makes me happy, maybe because that it
came together super quickly or because of the
awesome pics of Brianna.

I decided to share a bit on my design process;
I decided to use one part of the chevron paper and add
stitching. Then the layers were created, this process
usually is never done until the end, as I'm always
adding as I go. I wanted to add more of the woodgrain,
to tie it all together, so I added a bit at the bottom.
I've also cut lots of these quotes titles, they are
very handy, this one was perfect for the theme of this
layout. Then came the embelishments, I just piled
them on until I felt it was finished.
Hope you enjoyed learning about my process
for making a layout.


Melinda said...

Melanie, I'm a bit the same way... I never get to sit at the computer or get creative until very late in the evening so today I'm taking a day off my routine and browsing the blog world in the morning.
Love this layout and how you have used the woodgrain and the little clusters of embellishments work perfectly.

Diana Waite said...

this is just GORGEOUS Melanie! Love that you had the time to post EARLY. :)