Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Love This

You know that moment, when you see your kids getting
along, being nice to each other, you can actually
feel your heart swell up with love and pride, well that's how
I felt when I saw the girls together. They love to fight with
each other but they also love each other so much, I'm
so happy they have each other, and their little sister!

Along with the picture, the inspiration for this layout
was the arrow type woodgrain paper, love love love
that print!! Paired with the patterned backgrounds, love
how the prints and colors compliment each other.


Juliana said...

What a cute photo! I love all the fun details here!!!

Roxy said...

I love this layout, how all the arrows are pointing to the picture, and the colours - FABULOUS!!!

Alexandra Boehnke said...

Wow - I love your layout! All the details are wonderful.

LauraB whosthischick said...

Oh Wow, I so want to lift this :) There is just so much wonderful goodness here. TFS

Leanne said...

oh so cute!!

Diana Waite said...

this is AWESOME--yes, I LOVE the peaceful moments--WONDERFUL!