Sunday, March 31, 2013

Let's share

Sunday night and I'm blogging, well that's a first! I'm also blogging about something not related to scrapbooking, what?! Another first. I'm hoping to take my blog in a new direction, have no fear if you are here to see scrapbooking projects I will still post these, however I am hoping to share a bit more about crafty projects I have going on, things I like (other than scrapbooking), fashion and make up. I hope you will stick around to see where I am going with this new endeavour. 

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I've started using Bloglovin to follow my favourite blogs. I love that site because I am able to manage by categories all the blogs I follow, I can also see how many followers I have (hello all 29 of you that are following me via Bloglovin) and I've also been able to discover some awesome new blogs!! Tonight, I'm sharing with you some of these awesome blogs, I hope you will take a minute to check them out, they are so worth it. 

1) Daily Dream Decor  what an awesome blog about anything home decor. 

2)Blue Elephant Stitches this girl is uber talented! Her quilts are out of this world. I actually have one in Alexia's room, I love it. 

3) JustLove.lyThings the name says it all, this blog is just lovely. Showcases pretty lovely things. 

4) ohmygoodknits! I wish I could knit, honestly I've never sat down to learn but this blog inspires me to try it out. 

5) The Small Things Blog this girl has amazing hair and make up tutorials. I've actually went out today, bought some new make up and hair products and made myself up for our Easter dinner. The girls were in awe that I did all that and I looked soooo pretty (their words, not mine). After having kids for the past 8 years (on & off, not being pregnant for the past 8 years), I'm ready to get back to the pre-baby me, the one that loved clothes, make up, doing my hair, working out, being fit.... 

I hope you have enjoyed these blogs. If you have a favourite blog or want to share your blog, make sure to leave a comment. 

On this note I share with you this photo of me with my middle daughter, who decided to ham it up for the selfie I was trying to take of me. This girl has one amazing personality.

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