Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Week 15

Well I'm starting to feel a bit behind on my PL, I think this calls for PL marathon until I've caught up to week 18. I think staying up to date with my PL is the key to making this PL thing work for me. If I get too behind I just might drop the whole thing, nah that won't happen but it will surely cause me some stress, and that I do not want. 

For this spread I used the PL kit from Studio Calico. Love those quote cards and wood veneers card. 

Loved creating the decorative card using diecuts and a flair button. In the envelope I've written a note to the girls, I wonder if one day they will realize there's a letter in there for them. I sure hope so.

My big and little together, love taking pictures of my girls, it's even better when everyone cooperates and I can have some great pictures.


Adrienne Alvis said...

I LOVE this spread, Mel! And I really like how you used the aqua ribbon card with the letters! Beautiful photos, too! xo

Marielle said...

Beautiful Pl pages and love the new blog design !!! Kristine is a rock star , I need to get her to redo mine :)