Saturday, June 29, 2013

Vintage Inspired Pennant Banner

A little while back I contacted my friend Rosa owner and creator of Gabry Road with the idea of having a vintage pennant banner for the girls room but also for a special one year old photo shoot I'm planning for Alexia. As usual Rosa was more than happy to help me out and I was blown away by the end result! The pennant banner is amazing, I love the mix of fabrics and the bias tape is also a mix of fabric that adds such an interesting a beautiful accent to the banner. I was blown away when I saw the end result. 

I know that one more pennant banner was listed in Rosa's etsy shop - Gabry Road. So if you are interested make sure to check out her lovely shop. 

Thank you again Rosa for executing my vision in such a beautiful way!!


alexandra s.m. said...

Lovely banner melanie!

Anne Marie Gibson said...

OK so Emma Marie told me she was googling crafts and came across your blog so I decided to check it out... Mel.....where do u find the time for your incredible talent!!!!! I am in complete awe at your work and am at a loss being completely inept at all things crafty (Celia is much better at crafts already than me)....Maybe all girls should pose together for one of these layouts and we could give them each one.....if that is how this works...u must school me..