Saturday, March 01, 2014

2014 PL with 2Peas

Happy Saturday friends!!!! I have my very first PL spread of 2014 up on 2Peas in a Bucket. This year I'm taking a much more laid back approach to PL. First of all, I've changed the page protectors format, I love the new size, it just works for me. Second, I'm doing my PL on a monthly basis, which means I only print the pics at the end of the month, from that I see if I need 2 pages or more. This new approach will help me keep up to date with my PL (I still haven't finished my 2013 PL) and I will be less stressed out about the whole process. I hope you'll check out my spread, I think it's my fave PL spread I've ever created. 


Adrienne Alvis said...

I love this spread, Mel! It's stunning! xo

Jennifer streff said...

I LOVE it!! Great job, I can see why your a Garden Girl! Congrats, can't wait for your video!! I'm just doing day's or events basically by month instead of weekly, I couldn't handle the pressure! Lol!! I also slip 12x12 pages in too... I definitely do it my way, and ut works fir me..

irene said...

I love this page. I was so sad you did not make a video of the proces. Hope you wil do one in the near future at two peas. Love to see how other people door their pages and love listening to them while they guide you trough the whole proces of there sread.

But your page is stunning. Love to see that you have a big role in it too. Can't wait to see your next page.

Byq Irene from the Netherlands.