Thursday, March 20, 2014

Moments Video with Two Peas

Hello friends! Today is a big day for me, my very first video is up at Two Peas in a Bucket. You see, I've never created a video before but it was the next logical step to take in my scrapbooking career. Of course the concept scared me but with the help of some amazing GGs, friends and hubby, I created my first video. I know it is not perfect, I know what I need to do differently next time and I know I want to do more!!!!  You see, I'm a terribly shy person, talking in front of people at work, doing presentations, scares me so much but doing a video was different. I'm still able to share with people what I love to do but without the stage fright! I'm very happy with this.

So if you are curious, hope on over to Two Peas to check out my video.

1 comment:

Adrienne Alvis said...

OMG, Mel! You ROCKED that video! I love hearing your sweet voice and seeing your creative process in action. That layout is precious and you never cease to amaze me! xo