Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week 36

Hello friends! You might or might not have been wondering what happened to my 2013 PL. Well, I'm still catching up, returning to work full time last fall and trying to do a weekly PL just didn't work for me, so I'm still slowly catching up. That is the main reason why I've decided to do my 2014 PL on a monthly basis, this concept works much better for me. But I do need to finish my 2013 album, I can't leave it have done. So every once in a while I will do a spread. The pictures are all ready, some are even printed and already in the page protectors, so half the job is done. 

I've decided to start sharing my weeks again, they are not fancy at all, very simple and basic but the memories are documented and this makes me happy. 


Adrienne Alvis said...

This is a beautiful spread, Mel! I love the color scheme and how you're switching it up to work for you, which is what's so amazing about this project! Thanks for sharing!

Diana Waite said...

this looks GREAT--I know what you mean about catch up! I am doing that now and have found that there were a couple weeks where I only had enough to fill one side of the protector--so that is what I did! Making my catching up MUCH easier..only have to print a few more pictures and journal and I'm DONE! ;) well..for now!