Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Upside Down

Good morning blog readers and happy 4th of July to my US friends!
Hope everyone is doing well, things here are progressing well,
I'm in week 37 of the pregnancy, baby girl is doing great, moving
lots and making me tired, which is good! I'm officially
on maternity leave, YAY me, off for 13 months, as a SAHM
wanna be, this is pure bliss. I'll get to enjoy my new baby and the
big girls too, I am sooooo looking forward to picking them up
from the bus stop, coming home to do homework and
get this, NOT RUSHING to make it all happen
before diner, pure bliss!!! In the meantime, I'm getting
things ready for baby girl, packing her hospital bag, decorating
her room (grey, white, yellow, pink combo), spending some
relaxed time with the hubs before our world gets
out of whack. Still need to do one last trip to Ikea. :)

In the meantime here's a little lo I created recently.
Love this picture of Danika doing a cartwheel!
This girl can move and do flips, she amazes me.
We have to get her back in gymnastics, it comes
so easily to her, I love seeing her in action.

I used a fun action in Picassa (thanks Wendy) to modify
the picture, love how it turned out.
I also used some new Studio Calico bubble stamp,
which was part of an add-on last month, love
the bubble stamp, SC always manages to come up
with clever and fun designs!!!

Well thanks for sticking with this post 'til the end,
it was a long one!!!


Margrethe said...

That's a beautiful layout :) happy to hear you're doing ok...! Week 37 - wow!


Lilith Eeckels said...

That layout is awesome. Enjoy your maternity leave!!

Melinda Spinks said...

Mel, so glad you and bubs are doing okay and that you now have a chance to rest up a little. Just love what you've done with the layout, such a gorgeous combination of colours. :)