Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Photographing Cards

A while back I had mentionned that I would share my method for taking
pictures of my cards. I've compiled random shots of different photo
shoots to show you my method for obtaining a neutral background
which brings all the focus on the card.

I've converted a used box as a photography box, which I've lined it
with white cardstock. The white cardstock not only provides a neutral
background is also reflects the light very well.

Most of the time I will set this up on my back porch were the light
is optimal,  I will also use a coffee table to prop up my box, this ensure
that it is level. I try to take pictures of my cards on day where
it is overcast, I personally do not like taking pictures on a sunny day
as it will often create shadows.

I take my picture from straight on, sometimes at a slight angle. I also
take multiple shots this way I am sure to always have a least
one good picture.

The last step is to edit my picture, which I do in photoshop. I resize my
picture to 500x500 and crop it to leave a wide frame around the card.

I hope this was useful to you. As you can see my method is not
fancy, I didn't spend tons of money on photo box but this serves
its purpose and works for me.


Caroline said...

this was brilliant, i need something like this. Now to find a better way for LO's LOL

Anandi Raman Creath said...

Cool! I built something similar to photograph the jewelry I make but since I live in Seattle and it's always cloudy and raining, I have a ton of lamps around it. Then I can take pictures any time of day!

Love the "argyle" on your card, too!

Shannon91 said...

génial !!! thanks for this post !!!