Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Butterfly Wishes

Here we are, one day before Spring and eastern Ontario is being hit
with a mega snowstorm. I guess Mother Nature really wanted to
remind us of who is in charge, but I've seriously had enough! I 
know, I know, I live in Canada, get used to it, blah blah blah...
I just don't care, I will never get used to it, I will never like it
but I will also never move to a warmer climate. Sigh. So what's
a girl to do? Keep on buying cute scarves and hats...

Now nothing like butterflies to make you think of Spring, and 
that was exactly my intention when I created this card for 
Jillibean Soup. I wanted something light, pretty and a soft
color palette. I used a white background and the new
Jillibean Soup stamps from the Chilled Cucumber line. 
Using Jenni Bowlin ink pads (my fave, really disappointed that
they are no longer manufactured) I created a "flight" of
butterflies. I stitched the middle part of the butterflies and
lifted the wings, by doing this I added dimension to the card.

So who is the weather in your corner of the world?!
Please tell me you are wearing flip flops and capris.
And if you can, please send some sunshine my way.


Sanna Lippert said...

really nice card!! beautiful colors!

Diana Waite said...

I agree with you about the whether except I'm the opposite--living in a hot place won't move so I'll enjoy the winter and spring here and stay inside when it's UNCOMFORTABLY hot! GREAT card!!

Leanne said...

love, love, LOVE!