Monday, March 18, 2013

Love This Moment

Well it's another Monday morning, the girls are gone back to
school after a well needed break. Last week was great, even Dan
was home, so we kept busy, did lots of activities with the girls.
A new week bring new beginnings, the house is quieter today,
and will stay tidy until the girls return home. Sometimes the noise
and mess get to me but then I stop for a second and realize
that one day those socks under the table will be gone, the
stuffed animals will be put away for good, the girls will not
want to know what I'm reading or crafting, they will have
their own lives to live, I will be back to having a tidy home but
I know that I will miss the toys in the stairs, the barbies in
the tub, the mountain of clothes to wash. I will miss it...

So this brings me to this layout, a picture of Bri and Lex
when Lex was about a month old. Bri still hadn't figured out
what to make of that little person who took up all my time,
drained the life out of me and cried all the time. She did
love Lex and in moments like this one my tired heart would
swell up in pride and love for these girls.

This layout was part of a DT challenge issued by the Big Bean,
aka Jill from the Jillibean Soup. We had to use as many lines as
possible on our layout. I used 8 different lines with various
papers from each collection. I paired this with the new Placemats,
they are a great alternative to using a Cameo, saves lots of
time on cutting. They are also available in white or kraft and
a multitude of patterns. A truly brilliant work of art from
Jill and co.

I added layers and stamps, from the new collection. I also added
a bit of stitching around the circles but man that was hard!!!
Stitching in circles is not my thing.

Now for a little public service announcement, if you are a follow of
my blog via goggle reader you might have learned that google reader
will be abolished as of July 2013. I have to discovered bloglovin, I just
love this site and there's even an APP, sweet. You can follow my
blog by using the link below. 

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Andrea said...

such a neat page! I totally thought that was a cameo cut!! I love your clustering around the photo!

Juliana said...

I adore the layout Mel!!! And I just popped over from Bloglovin myself!!!

Charlene said...

Wonderful page, love all the details!!

Diana Waite said...

this is just BEAUTIFUL! thanks for the heads up about Bloglovin--I've seen it but didn't know what it is. Right now I switched to Feedly and have been pleasantly surprised--so I can still SEE you! :0)