Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Project Life 7 & 8

I love Project Life!!! I never ever thought I would. When the concept first 
came out I didn't really get it, I always thought I didn't have enough to 
document or talk about. This year I decided to give it a try with the small 
Handbook from Studio Calico and I really liked it. I quickly realized that 
I had too much to document, ha! So I changed it up to the 12x12 format, 
I'm doing one page a week but that could change as well. I am surprised 
at how much I love the PL concept, I imagine my girls reading the PL 
years from now and seeing their look of amazement as they recall what 
we did, said, went, etc... If someone tomorrow told me that I had to pick
 between layouts and a PL, guess what I would pick....

I created these spreads using the Hip Kit Jan PL kit. I keep a similar 
muted color palette and design. Week 8 was a bit rough for me, I didn't 
have a lot of pictures to use to I talked about my feelings as a mom and 
dealing with ups and downs of motherhood. It felt great to put these 
feelings on paper. I'm also trying to embrace my handwriting, using
my typewriter is ok, but I feel that it is more personal, from the heart,
when I hand write my journaling. 


Laurel said...

I too am just trying PL for the first time this year and like you if I had to choose it would definitely be PL, I love it! I love your pages!

LauraB whosthischick said...

I love your pages.

Diana Waite said...

FANTASTIC--I agree I love project life as well!