Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh Snap!!!!

Happy Monday y'all! I hope you had a lovely weekend and were able to
take in some Holidays festivities, did you know that Christmas is in
a month! EEEEKKKK! I better start wrapping gifts otherwise it will
be down to the last minute, like it is on most years.

Today, I have this layout I created of Danika to share. Ever since
receiving her iPod for her birthday, she has been snapping pictures of
anything and everything. She's actually pretty good at it, I love that
she's taking an interest in photography, very proud momma here!
Next step a digital camera and editing in PSE.

I added lots of layers, which has been totally working for me latetly.
I've been trying not to over think things and just do what feels right,
layering feels right at the moment. I added a funny little touch for
Danika, notice the little squirel with the speech bubble? She thought
that was the funniest thing ever, in her words. LOL!!!

1 comment:

Diana Waite said...

wow this is super fun to look at! GREAT job!!